Test Taking Strategies

  • Study, Don’t Cram: Instead of waiting to the last minute to prepare for the exam, review your notes and problems nightly.  Doing homework also reinforces the concepts that you are learning.  These two steps can increase your chances of scoring well on your exams.
  • Breathe: Taking 3-5 slow, deep breaths before putting pen to paper will help to settle the nerves so that you can focus.
  • Relax Your Muscles: Tightening and relaxing the muscles in your hands can help you relax.  Simply put your hands in your lap.   Tighten your hand into a fist and hold for 5 seconds before relaxing your hand.  Try this 2 or 3 times before beginning the exam.
  • Answer the questions that you know first: There is no law that says questions must be answered in order.  By completing the questions that you know, you can build your confidence in your ability to complete the test.  Make sure to review the answers before turning in your test to guarantee that you have answered all the questions.

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