About Mullins Tutoring, Inc.

My name is Jennifer Mullins and I began tutoring in 2002.   As a substitute teacher, I saw students who were struggling in school but were unable to get the one-on-one attention due to the number of students in a classroom.  This was the impetus for me to begin working as a private tutor.

Over the past nine years I have worked with students from kindergarten thru adults.  Each student’s needs vary, from needing remedial help, jumping ahead or refreshing skills that have not been used in a while.  My experience includes working with students with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome as well as emotional and behavioral disorders.  I have also worked with home schooled children, either focusing on one particular subject or the whole curriculum.

The qualities that I bring to my tutoring service are knowledge, flexibility, patience and compassion.  Just as I challenge my students, I am always working to increase my knowledge in the areas that I am tutoring.  I love the stimulation of learning something new and then passing it on.  Secondly, because each person is unique, I have learned to be flexible, adjusting my teaching style to the student’s learning style.  This is the main reason that I became a tutor.  Lastly, the compassion and patience I bring to each session allows the student to learn in a comfortable and safe educational environment.

Each session usually runs for an hour, though I am able to work in longer chunks of time.  Each session addresses the concerns that the student or parent has.  This includes but is not limited to review of classwork or homework, projects, and skill building.   I also provide materials to supplement whatever the student is working on, including educational games for elementary school students.

I have derived great pleasure in watching my students as they grow in confidence as they master the subjects that they have struggled with.


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