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Starting the New School Year Right

Starting off the new school year right can make the difference in a student’s performance throughout the year.  Here are some suggestions that can help:

  1. Organization: The key to staying on track is to be well organized.  This means using the school provided agenda or planner.  Make sure that it is filled in everyday.  Also, if long term assignments are given, they can be noted in the planner so that they won’t be forgotten.   Backpacks should be packed the night before  so that is nothing is left at home by mistake.
  2. Communication:  Keep the lines of communications open with your child’s teacher.  If you have concerns about your child be sure to communicate them in a positive fashion.  Most teachers are responsive to parents concerns and will work with you.  Remember that classrooms are crowded and the teacher is doing his or her best to make sure your child is receiving a quality education.  
  3. Technology:  Most schools have websites that will keep you abreast of the latest happenings.  Teachers also have websites that apply specifically to your child.   Make sure to visit it at least once a week in order to review class assignments, spelling words, etc.  Often, teachers will have links on their sites to educational websites.  I find this a great resource for skill building and strongly recommend visiting  them.
  4. Online Grades:  It is now easier to keep track of your child’s progress by checking their grades through online programs such as Powerschools.  Graded assignments and attendance are available to review so that there are no surprises.  It will also allow you to see any patterns where your child is struggling and address them immediately.

These are just a few ways to stay on track and make this school year a great one!


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